FEE STRUCTURE for most lesson plans, some vary in cost.

$ 70 per hour for the 1st student

$ 60 per hour for the 2nd student

$ 12 per firearm rental (if needed)

$  ?   per 50 round box of ammunition, price based on the caliber selected (if needed)

We charge $70 per hour for the 1st student.  If you choose to take the lesson with a friend or family member, we charge an additional $60 for the 2nd student. This fee includes your instructors time, range fees, eye and ear protection and targets.  If you bring a spouse who doesn't take the lesson but is there for support, we do NOT charge a fee.

U.S. Armed Forces Veteran Owned & Operated

Personal Firearms Instructor, LLC

(267) 304-1834

1528 Campus Drive

Warminster, PA 18974


If you need to rent a firearm, we charge $12 per firearm.  If you have your own firearm you can bring it to the lesson, however, only modern properly functioning firearms will be used during the range portion of the lesson. 

Ammunition is available at the store if needed. Cost is based on the caliber selected.  You can use your own factory ammunition in your firearm.  However, if you rent one of our firearms you must use our factory produced ammo.  Our instructors will only give lessons with factory ammunition.  Hand loaded or re-loaded ammunition will not be accepted for lessons in your firearms or ours.  Ammunition with steel casing and/or cores will not be accepted.

Eye and ear protection are included in your fee as a courtesy.  You may bring your own if you like.

Targets are included in your fee as a courtesy.  You may bring your own if you like.  Any targets that could be offensive to others are not accepted.


REQUIREMENTS for New, Beginner and Novice lessons

Produce a VALID drivers License, ID cards are not accepted.

Be 21 years of age or accompanied by a parent.  Parent must stay with student at all times to include the range.  You will not be charged additional fees to accompany the student.

Completely read, understand, fill out, sign and date all forms.  When dealing with firearms we are at the mercy of insurance companies and must abide by all their requirements.