DEFENSIVE SHOOTING - Intermediate . . .

Level: Beginner to Novice

Prerequisite: Fundamental Lesson 1

Length: 1 hour Cost: $70.00

Description:This lesson was designed to fix any of the less prevalent problems you may encounter such as high groups, right groups or any combination of off center groups.  This lesson is where you fine tune your marksmanship accuracy preparing you for defensive shooting lessons.

FUNDAMENTALS Lesson 4 - Refinement *

* Not all shooters suffer from the following problems, however, if you do, these lessons will address your issues.

Level: Beginner to Novice

Prerequisite: Show signs of milking

Length: 1 hour Cost: $70.00

Description:The next problem we see the most is milking the grip/trigger, producing left shots (right for left handed shooters).  This lesson was designed to teach you how to isolate the movement of the trigger finger and hand to prevent lateral forces on the firearm.

FUNDAMENTALS Lesson 3 - Milking the Grip *

Level: Beginner to Novice

Prerequisite: Show signs of shot anticipation

Length: 1 hour Cost: $70.00

Description:One of the most prevalent problems we see in students is anticipation of the firearm going off.  This causes the student to miss the target by primarily shooting low.  This lesson was designed to teach you how to eliminate shot anticipation by changing the way you think, which affects the way you press the trigger.

FUNDAMENTALS Lesson 2 - Eliminating Anticipation *

FUNDAMENTALS Lesson 1 - Evaluation of Shooter

Level: Beginner to Novice

Prerequisite: Have Shot a Firearm Before, Valid Drivers License, Over 21 years old or accompanied by your parent.

Length: 1 hour Cost: $70.00

Description: This is your initial evaluation lesson, which includes an introduction or review of marksmanship fundamentals.  We will ask questions and watch you shoot to identify your issues.  Once identified, we will




Addressing your concerns:

If you just started shooting or you have been shooting for a while and are just not happy with your results, this section is for you.

This is where you fine tune your marksmanship accuracy.  Most shooters develop bad habits without a strong understanding of marksmanship fundamentals.  Ever wonder why you get inconsistent groups?  How about low or left groups? 

Your Personal Firearms Instructor (PFI) will fully explain theses fundamentals so you will finally understand what is actually happening when you fire your shot.  This will make it possible for you to consistently place rounds where you want. 

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explain the cause, the solution and then show you how to properly practice to eliminate the error.  Click HERE to see frequently asked question regarding your lesson.