show you any defeciencies in your plans missed during daylight hours.  Your PFI will show you how to search and clear your house using your choice of firearm and flashlight combination.   

gain access to your home and how to prevent them.  Topics covered include, proper lighting, denial of observation, landscape adjustments to eliminate hiding spaces and limit routes of travel, using fences, hardening of access points, dealing with forced entry, use of dogs, security systems and their upgrades.

Once the properties physical security is covered, your PFI will go over the mental part of security.  This includes your situational awareness, plans for taking out the trash, picking up the mail, getting in and out of your car to include garage storage, entering and leaving the home, answering the door, storage and hiding of readily accessible weapons to include your firearm and safe.  Your PFI will also cover developing plans for your spouse and children.

After your PFI covers the prevention of security, we will address dealing with the criminal who may defeat the security measures.  Dealing with criminals should always start with contacting the police, however, we don't live in a perfect world and the criminals don't play by the rules.  If you find youself in a situation where you have to have to search your home, such as to save a loved one, you might not have time to wait for the police.  Your PFI will teach you how to search and clear your house if needed.

Level: Advanced                                        Cost:$500.00

Prerequisite: PFI approval after Intro/Eval, Carry Permit

Length: 6 hours                               Ammo Needed: N/A

Description: We will create a custom report based on your location to include local crime statistics, Police and Fire departments and Hospital locations, routes and travel times.  Your PFI will then come to your house and evaluate your property from outside and within.  You will be made aware of tricks the criminals use to



Personal Firearms Instructor, LLC

Level: Advanced                                        Cost: $300.00

Prerequisite: Home Defense Plan-Daytime, Carry Permit

Length: 4 hours                               Ammo Needed: N/A

Description: After your PFI completes the daytime home defense plan, he will return during the night to once again evaluate the home defense plan from the outside and within. 

The cover of darkness and improper use of lights will

Addressing your concerns:

PFI instructors come to your house and help you plan out a layered defense to protect your home and loved ones.

You will learn about exterior and interior physical security as well as how to search and clear your home.

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