Level: Intermediate Self-Defense                Cost: $70.00

Prerequisite: Fundamental 1

Length: 1 hour                         Ammo Needed: 100 rnds

Description: Now that you can place a round where you want, your PFI will teach you how to rapidly follow up your first shot with a second quick accurate shot.  This lesson plan covers trigger reset and manipulation, refinement of grip and stance for recoil control and sight tracking for proper follow through.


Defensive Shooting


Addressing your concerns:

This is where you learn tactical accuracy and firearm manipulation. 

Once you have a strong understanding of marksmanship fundamentals and can place a shot where you want, our training then focuses on the practical application of defensive shooting.

These lessons were designed to expose the realities of shooting under stress during a compressed time frame.  Your Personal Firearms Instructor (PFI) will teach you how critical it is to get the firearm into the fight, keep it up and running, while maintaining a proper balance of speed and accuracy while under stress.

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Level: Intermediate Self-Defense                Cost: $70.00

Prerequisite: Malfunctions

Length: 1 hour                         Ammo Needed: 150 rnds

Description:  This lesson plan combines all of your skill sets learned to date and adds movement.   You will learn how and when to side step off your attackers line of attack. Your PFI will introduce you to increasing amounts of stress by adding, scenarios that force you to make decisions, confusion and time constraints.

Level: Intermediate Self-Defense                Cost: $70.00

Prerequisite: Get off the Line of Attack

Length: 1 hour                         Ammo Needed: 100 rnds

Description:  During this lesson plan your PFI teaches you how to follow your threat to the ground if needed, check the status of your threat, break your target lock, search and asses your environment, check yourself, and check the status of your firearm.  Your PFI will increase the amount of stress you must deal with while shooting.

CONCEALLED CARRY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Level: Intermediate Self-Defense                Cost: $70.00

Prerequisite: Reloads and Ammo Management

Length: 1 hour                         Ammo Needed: 100 rnds

Description:  In order to keep your firearm up and running, your PFI will explain all the different types of malfunctions that are possible to your firearm.  The correct actions to clear the malfunctions will then be taught and drilled.  You will soon become aware why you need to practice these clearances.

Level: Intermediate Self-Defense                Cost: $70.00

Prerequisite: Standard Responses

Length: 1 hour                         Ammo Needed: 100 rnds

Description:  Now that your capable of firing multiple rounds at multiple targets, you will need to keep your firearm from running out of ammo.  Your PFI will teach you how to keep the firearm shooting by rapidly reloading using emergency reloads and tactical reloads. Ammo management from mag pouches, pockets, speed strips and speed loaders are covered.





Level: Intermediate Self-Defense                Cost:$70.00

Prerequisite: Rapid Presentation

Length: 1 hour                      Ammo Needed: 150+ rnds

Description: This lesson plan starts with combining your rapid presentation of the firearm to the target with your ability to fire multiple quick accurate shots.  Your PFI will teach you how to deal with firing controlled pairs, failure to stop drills, dealing with multiple targets, transitioning from target to target while prioritizing your shots and maintaining the appropriate balance of speed and accuracy.


Level: Intermediate Self-Defense                Cost: $70.00

Prerequisite: Firing Multiple Rounds

Length: 1 hour                           Ammo Needed: 50 rnds

Description: Now that you can fire multiple accurate rounds in quick succession, your PFI will teach you how to rapidly present your firearm to the target to fire a quick accurate first round from the ready position.  This lesson plan covers flash sight pictures and a discussion regarding balancing your speed and accuracy. 

RAPID PRESENTATION of firearm to threat


This lesson allows your PFI to evaluate your muzzle and trigger finger awareness to determine if you are ready to learn how to draw and holster your firearm safely.