Level: New Shooter

Prerequisites: None

Length: 1 hour Cost: $70.00

Description: Your PFI will discuss the pros and cons of different locking and storage devices that meet your specific needs.  Proper location of storage device, and speed at which firearm can be obtained are covered.

This lesson includes range time.  Your PFI will time you to see how long it takes to get your firearm unlocked, loaded and to engage your threat.

BEGINNER to NOVICE Lessons . . . . . . . .

Level: New Shooter

Prerequisites: None

Length: 1 hour Cost: $70.00

Description:  This lesson plan explains how to properly unload, disassemble, clean, lubricate, reassemble and function check your firearm.  Selecting the proper cleaning kit and associated items are covered.


function, proper grip and stance, understanding ready positions, how to present the firearm to the target, understanding eye dominance, proper sight alignment and sight picture, trigger press and follow through.

Your PFI will then spend the remaining time on the range applying these fundamentals.  To start, your instructor will fire the gun in front of you so you know what to expect. When you’re ready we will walk you through shooting the firearm step-by-step. You will never be more than arms reach away from your instructor and all of your actions will be performed upon our instructions. 

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Level: New Shooter                                  

Prerequisites: Valid Drivers License, Over 21 years old or accompanied by your parent.

Length: 1 hour Cost: $70.00

Description: Your initial lesson includes an introduction to marksmanship fundamentals.   Your Personal Firearms Instructor (PFI) will spend approximately 30 minutes outside the range covering firearm selection, safe firearm handling, loading and unloading, firearm

NEW to shooting


Addressing Your Concerns:

Making the decision to learn how to shoot is a difficult one.  We fear the unknown and our minds create the worst possible scenarios.  Whether your goal is target shooting or self-defense, the beginning process starts with seeking out knowledge.


Your Personal Firearms Instructor (PFI) can help you gain that knowledge by answering your questions and providing you with the information you need. Our goal is to show you how to shoot a firearm in a safe and structured environment thereby reducing as much of your stress as possible. You can even bring a friend or loved one to take the lesson with you or they can just watch.

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