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Have you every wondered what it was like to shoot in total darkness? This is where you learn to operate in reduced light and no light environments with a firearm. 

Most crime is committed during the hours of darkness.  Criminals know they have a better chance on surprising you and less of a chance of being witnessed while operating from the shadows and the cloak of darkness.

Your Personal Firearms Instructor (PFI) will teach you how to select and carry your equipment, use your light source to identify and confuse your attacker, aim your firearm and engage your threats from total darkness.

U.S. Armed Forces Veteran Owned & Operated

Level: Advanced-No/Low Light                   Cost: $70.00

Prerequisite: Equivalent Daytime Lesson Plans

Length: 1 hours (range)           Ammo Needed: 100 rnds

Description: These lesson plans allows you to select the skills you previously learned and test them while using hand held lights and weapon mounted tac lights.  Such as drawing/holstering your firearm in conjunction with handheld lights, reloading, malfunction clearances, shooting from cover, etc....  Once you can safely perform these skills in the light, you will be allowed to test them in total darkness during the live fire group classes.  This prepares you for your HOME DEFENSE.

HOME DEFENSE PLANS . . . . . . . . . . . . .



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Level: Advanced-No/Low Light                 Cost: $150.00

Prerequisite: No/Low Light Pre-Course

Length: 2 hours (range)           Ammo Needed: 250 rnds

Description: This lesson plan uses the skills learned from the No/Low Light Prep-Course and Skills Builder and puts it to test in total darkness with live ammo.  You will shoot with progressively less and less light until ALL light is gone.  This will allow you to test your vision, your firearm aiming devices and illumination equipment in various light levels to include TOTAL DARKNESS. 

Level: Intermediate-No/Low Light             Cost: $150.00

Prerequisite: None

Length: 2 hours (classroom)            Ammo Needed: N/A

Description: This lesson plan is 2 hours in the classroom.  Topics covered are crime statistic, how the human eye works in darkness, selecting iron sights, fiber optic sights, night sights, lazers, handheld flashlights and weapon mounted tac lights.  Your PFI will teach you how to properly manipulate your firearm and light combination in total darkness.  This lesson plan safely prepares your for the NO Light shooting course.

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